Blind Bolt is an industry leader in the field of transportation. From the road to rail and back again, manufacturers appreciate the fact that Blind Bolt fastenings can be relied upon for strength, durability and ease of application.

Blind Bolt fixings play a huge role in the transportation industry. They can be relied upon to offer strength, durability and ease of use whether they are being used on the rails, the road or anywhere else.

No special tools are needed for the application of Blind Bolts, making them the ideal choice for working on the maintenance or construction of transport infrastructure. In many cases, work of this kind has to be carried out in places which are difficult to access, or needs to be completed while causing only the minimum of disruption for the travelling public.

The transport sector works to extremely strict safety standards and legal requirements. That’s another reason why service providers and manufacturers rely on Blind Bolt for everything from the regular maintenance of rolling stock to refurbishing infrastructure such as train stations. Every day of the year, commuters across the UK, even though they might not be aware of it, rely upon the convenience, safety and effectiveness of Blind Bolt fastenings.

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    Many large scale refurbishment projects in the rail sector make use of Blind Bolts, since they enable the work to be carried out without causing large scale disruption to the travelling public. Its status as a high performance fixing solution also means that it is the certified choice for installing AWS (automatic warning system) units onto steel sleepers.

    AWS units have played a central role in the safety provision of the mainline UK rail network since the 50s, enabling drivers to gauge the status of the signals on the line up ahead of them. It is imperative to passenger safety that these units are fitted in a manner which is convenient and reliable, and signal and track engineers came to the conclusion that Blind Bolt represented the ideal solution.

    A large part of the reason for this is the fact that Blind Bolts enable AWS units to be fitted to steel sleepers between rails without having to be welded into place. This means that they combine simplicity with convenience, as well as being hard-wearing and durable enough to ensure that the AWS units stay fixed in place. This has led to Blind Bolts being used for AWS systems across the UK.

    Blind Bolts are also used in the transportation sector for the maintenance of rolling stock throughout the rail network by providers like London Underground, as well as being used by track component manufacturers and in vintage steam engine maintenance.

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    As an industry sector, road transport offers many challenges which are similar to those provided by the rail sector. These include the fact that the environment is impacted by the weather, from the freezing cold in winter to the rain and sun the rest of the year, and also the presence of multiple moving parts which are subject to pressure, vibrations and wear and tear. To work successfully in the sector, Blind Bolts have to meet all legal and safety standards and be able to cope with constant use. In light of all of this, it’s little wonder that many experts within the road transportation industry prefer to work with Blind Bolts.

    In response to this demand, we produce many products of a highly specialised nature for use in the automotive sector. These include fine pitch, hexagon headed parts and special headed fasteners like wheel studs. We also supply high tensile galvanised and zinc plated products, many of which have been phosphate and chemically blackened, as well as units available in both metric and imperial sizes.

    Bespoke bolts of this kind demonstrate the versatility of our products, and can be used by specialist and military vehicle producers, as well as automotive component manufacturers. They showcase our commitment to delivering the exact products that every sector needs.

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