Lots of industries make use of Blind Bolts during construction and repair because they offer versatility, strength and reliability.

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Blind Bolts for The Mining Sector

They come in a huge variety of types and sizes, and they can be used in any environment without having to drill extra holes or make use of specialised equipment.

The mining industry offers an excellent example. The working conditions and environment prevalent within the industry mean that any construction or repair work has to be carried out in difficult circumstances. Water and dust create corrosive conditions which mean that any fixtures and fittings used need to be able to cope, and Blind Bolts represent the obvious choice.

Another aspect of construction and repair within the mining industry is the fact that lifts, track systems and multiple conveyors are all likely to be used to shift materials around a site, particularly when preparing them for shipping onwards. Systems of this kind need to be robust enough to cope with virtually constant vibrations and strong enough to handle the loads being carried.

In addition to meeting these requirements, Blind Bolts offer the advantage of speed and versatility. Because they can be applied without having to weld, they make it possible to make important changes – to the route a conveyor has to take, for example – quickly and simply. Temporary conveyors can be constructed and dismantled with little or no notice and without the work of the rest of the mine being disrupted.

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