Blind Bolts offer technical innovation and a new way of dealing with an age old problem. Combine this with the highest levels of manufacturing quality, a wide range of individual products and a distribution network which reaches around the world, and you have a solution for blind fixings which ticks every box.

The fact that they are affordable, convenient and effective means that our blind fasteners represent the ideal solution for a staggering range of applications. We never stop being surprised and impressed by the creative and innovative uses which our clients manage to come up with. In all parts of the world and across a number of different environments, blind bolt fasteners are changing the way people approach building, architecture and design.

From box section fixings to thin wall bolts, our fixing solutions work without the need for oversized holes or specialized tools. This versatility and sheer convenience means that, time and again, they provide the answers when other products fall short.

The most common applications range from fixing cladding and facades to the exterior of buildings to joining hollow sections together. Tasks such as holding masonry support systems in place and specialist environments such as the corrosive salt water are easily handled by Blind Bolts and we’re always on the lookout for new ways in which our product can make a difference.

Hollow Section

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Masonry Support

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Cladding & Facades

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Bolt's for Marina's

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