The Blind Bolt

The Blind Bolt is so versatile that our clients are always coming up with new demands, new uses and different applications. We rise to the challenge, manufacturing additional sizes designed to save time and money.

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ICC-ES Approved to AC437

ICC ES ESR-3617 Approval

The Blind Bolt Company has received confirmation from ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES), that The Blind Bolt complies with the provisions of the ESR-3617.

This confirmation, as evidence in ICC-ES evaluation report ESR-3617, provides guidance to code officials faced with approving the use of The Blind Bolt under these codes.

The evaluation report is available opposite
and online at

Blind Bolt Fixings

Fixing into a box section or girder cavity no longer presents the challenge it once did. The Blind Bolt makes things simple and usually saves money on a project. Speaking as creators of the Blind Bolt, even we are surprised by the range of uses to which it is now being put. Our news page is packed with information about these innovations and the new products they help to inspire.

Hollow Wall Fixings Blind Bolt
Steel Blind Fixing Blind Bolt
Hollow Wall Fixing

For detailed information on installation or removal, please view our Blind Bolt Installation and removal guide Blind Bolt Fitting Instructions

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