Materials Handling

Systems which are put in place to handle and shift a range of materials need to be versatile and robust.

Blind Bolts for Materials Handling

A materials handling system such as the type used for airport luggage retrieval, warehouse and storage and racking systems will be subject to factors such as dynamic loads and vibrations. In order to cope with this, the fixtures the system depends upon need to be strong and durable.

Blind Bolt fastenings offer this strength and durability and a lot more. The fact that they can be applied quickly, using a simple drill, rotate and tighten process, means they reduce both the cost of construction and the length of time it takes. In addition to this, the fact that they remove the need for welding means that changes to a system can be made easily and quickly. The storage system within a materials handling warehouse may need to be expanded or reduced at short notice when stock levels shift, for example, and Blind Bolts make it possible to do this without disrupting the work being done in the rest of the warehouse.

Materials Handling Warehouse Storage Systems

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