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The Blind Bolt is so versatile that our clients are always coming up with new demands, new uses and different applications. We rise to the challenge, manufacturing additional sizes designed to save time and money.

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ICC-ES Approved to AC437

ICC ES ESR-3617 Approval

The Blind Bolt Company has received confirmation from ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES), that The Blind Bolt complies with the provisions of the ESR-3617.

This confirmation, as evidence in ICC-ES evaluation report ESR-3617, provides guidance to code officials faced with approving the use of The Blind Bolt under these codes.

The evaluation report is available opposite
and online at

Blind Bolt Fixings

Fixing into a box section or girder cavity no longer presents the challenge it once did. The Blind Bolt makes things simple and usually saves money on a project. Speaking as creators of the Blind Bolt, even we are surprised by the range of uses to which it is now being put. Our news page is packed with information about these innovations and the new products they help to inspire.

Blind Bolt Fixing

How to Fit a Blind Bolt

If you’re looking for a fastener you’re looking for something which needs very little maintenance and remains fixed for a long period. Find a fastener like this and you can work on projects quickly and efficiently, and that’s why blind bolts – which offer this kind of quality – have become so popular so quickly.

There is a correct method when it comes to fitting blind bolts, however, and it isn’t simply a case of twisting the bolt into a hole. To do the job properly you have to bear in mind factors such as the size of the hole, the angle, the length of the joint and the tools you’re going to need. Get all of this right and you can be certain the bolt won’t fail in the long term.

  1. The Hole Size

    Two important factors depend upon the size of the hole you drill. These are the length of the blind bolt itself and the length of the grip. Both of these factors – which aren’t the same thing – have a bearing on the solidity of the final joint, because a bolt which is either too long or too short could work loose over time. Generally, your supplier will provide a guide which can be used to judge the right length of bolt, and you can also invest in grip gauges to do the job. Finally, a meter will enable you to drill the hole and check which size of bolt will be suitable.

  2. The Best Type of Blind Bolt

    The sheer range of blind bolts which are on offer can be a little daunting at first glance. Having lots of choice is clearly a benefit, but it also means you have to take the time to make sure you choose correctly for the job in hand. The choices available online or in stores range from heavy-duty bolts to hollow wall bolts, so it’s vital to make the right choice before purchasing, matching the bolt you buy to the project you’re working on.

    An M8 diameter bolt, for example, will have a tension of 9.8pt and a shear capacity of 14.6ps, while for an M30 diameter bolt these figures will be 174.5pt and 224.0ps respectively. What this means is that a job which involves high levels of pressure is one which calls for an M30 bolt.

  3. Proper Equipment

    Although it’s possible to fit a blind bolt using just a screwdriver it isn’t recommended. A blind bolt fitted in this manner, no matter how much effort you put in, won’t create a joint which is flush, and this reduces the shear and tensile strength of the bolt.

    For this reason, it’s vital to use power and hydraulic tools which can push the bolt into place quickly and simply. Using tools like this will guarantee maximum strength and efficiency with the added bonus of providing a professional finish with nothing hanging out or coming away from the seal. Anyone utilizing hand tools should make sure that they are able to apply sufficient power.

  4. When to Remove a Bolt

    If the seal created by the bolt isn’t flush then you should remove it and start the process of fitting again, ensuring a correct position. Sometimes it may be sufficient to simply loosen the bolt and push it deeper into the initial hole, creating a tighter grip. If this doesn’t work then it could be that you haven’t chosen the correct fastener, as this will impair the installation process. For more information on all of this take a look at our installation and removal videos.

    If chosen and fitted correctly, Blind Bolts represent an effective and affordable solution.

  5. Bolted Shut

    We’re constantly finding new areas in which blind bolts can work their magic, and the flexibility they offer means that we can increase the range of sizes provided to meet the demands of our clients. Blind bolts enable you to save time and money in a huge range of circumstances.

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    For detailed information on installation or removal, please view our Blind Bolt Installation and removal guide Blind Bolt Fitting Instructions

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