Time after time, the creativity of designers and architects is held in check by the practical realities of a building project.

Architectural Blind Fixings

Innovative, forward thinking ideas have to be scaled down because of the limitations thrown up by the materials and construction techniques which have to be used.

Once deadlines and budgetary limits are taken into account as well, the reality of a finished building is often a severely scaled down version of what was originally intended.

Architectural Sectors Blind Bolt
Architectural Sector Blind Bolt

This is just one reason why Blind Bolts are so popular with designers and architects who design and build visitors centres and shopping centres. They allow the building to be designed and constructed in line with the original vision, but without exceeding the schedule or budget.

Architectural Blind Bolts

Using Blind Bolts during construction puts an end to this problem. The ease with which Blind Bolt fastenings can be applied makes it simple to utilise design techniques like curtain walls, cladding and facades and aesthetically appealing external structures. They also make it much easier to utilise visually pleasing features such as hollow sections.

Another advantage of using Blind Bolts is that they help to keep the cost of a project down, because they can be used quickly and without having to drill extra holes or make use of specialist equipment. The money saved can, therefore, be spent on the type of architectural highlights that truly make a building stand out.

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