Heavy Duty Bolt

The Heavy Duty Bolt, known as the HD Bolt, was developed as a shorter blind fixing which would offer improved performance when the shear plane being fixed falls across the legs of a standard Blind Bolt

The Heavy Duty Bolt

The HD Bolt represents the optimum fixing solution when dealing with heavy weight steel sections. The unique pin locking mechanism and expanding base combine strength with a simple activation process. The only tools necessary are a hammer and spanner, rather than the specialist equipment required when using alternative products. This means that using the Heavy Duty Bolt saves on installation time and expense.

Advantages of the HD Bolt:

  • Quick and simple installation
  • No requirement for an oversized hole
  • 1000 hours of salt spray protection provided by Geomet 500B coating
  • Makes any assembly more efficient
  • Unique pin locking facility
Heavy Duty Steel Bolt Fixings
Heavy Duty Fasteners
Heavy Duty Bolt Fixings

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For detailed information on installation, please view our Heavy Duty Bolt Installation guide, Heavy Duty Bolt Fitting Instructions.

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