Oil & Gas

The energy industry places particular demands upon the structures employed. An offshore oil platform, for example, has to be able to cope with everything the bad weather miles out to sea can throw at it, not to mention the corrosive nature of sea water.

Blind Bolts for The Oil & Gas Industry

The materials used, the building methods employed and the design of the structure all have to be able to cope with these issues, and Blind Bolt fixings offer the ideal solution. In the first place, they offer reassuringly high shear and tensile strength. Secondly, they are extremely easy to apply, needing just a simple drill, rotate and tighten process without using specialist tools. This means that repairs and construction work can be carried out quickly and simply in the kind of difficult conditions workers will face on gas pipes, wind farms and oil rigs.

Oil & Gas Sector Blind Bolt
Oil & Gas Sector Blind Bolt

Another factor which makes Blind Bolts ideal for use in the oil and gas industry is that they can be put to an extremely wide range of uses. Standard Blind Bolts come in a variety of sizes, and we are always listening to our customers in order to provide bespoke fittings for use in highly specialised circumstances.

Servicing and repair companies value the fact that Blind Bolts can be used in even the least accessible parts of a structure, while the strength and durability they offer makes them the ideal choice for high impact applications including wellhead manufacture, oil extraction systems and drilling and boring equipment.

Blind Bolts are equally suited to large scale projects such as constructing an oil rig and niche specialisms like pumping and refining equipment, flange and fitting suppliers and isolation valves and choke equipment. Whether dealing with construction or servicing, and working on both refinement and supply, oil and gas workers turn time and again to the convenience, flexibility and sheer effectiveness of Blind Bolt fixing solutions.

The end result is that the heating in your home or place of work and the petrol that keeps your car running may have both been brought to you using Blind Bolts throughout the process. When it comes to creating safe, efficient environments, the incredible versatility of Blind Bolts makes them the ideal fastening of choice for workers in the energy sector.

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