What Are Blindbolts?

The term ‘Blindbolts’ covers a number of mechanical fixings, all of which can cope with excellent shear and tensile loads. They have been designed and constructed to cope safely with loads which are slightly lower than those applied to a standard bolt. Our tech data page includes details regarding the design resistances of the Blindbolts.

The USP of Blindbolts is that they are the only genuinely removable fixings which can be re-installed without a new bolt having to be purchased. While both the HD and TW Bolt can be fitted extremely quickly they are not removable.


Blindbolts function in numerous ways. The initial Blindbolt operated via gravity, utilizing a toggle which rotated around the axis of a non-load bearing pivot pin. It can be removed when needed and operates in both the vertical and horizontal positions. HD and TW bolts, meanwhile, operate as expansion bolts irrespective of orientation. This means that they can be used in any position and at any angle. There is also a Heavy Duty (HD) bolt which was created specifically to be used for structural connections, while the Thin Wall (TW) bolt is specifically for lighter steel frame connections.

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