Structural Engineering

Blind Bolts are utilised by designers, builders and engineers in all parts of the world.

Blind Bolts Uses in Structural Engineering

The fact that they can be applied without the use of specialised tools or adapted drill holes means that they offer a speedy solution in geographically tricky locations, and can also be applied quickly in parts of a structure that would otherwise be inaccessible.

All of these attributes make Bind Bolts the ideal fastening for support systems, hollow sections and cladding and facades.

Structural Engineering Sector Blind Bolt
Structural Engineering Sector Blind Bolt

The convenience of Blind Bolts makes it possible for architects and designers to devise innovative solutions to construction problems which would otherwise prove impossible to solve.

Components such as beams, roofing and flooring can be fitted quickly and easily, transforming every aspect of a structural engineering project, from blueprint to day to day work on site.

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