Three Applications Blind Bolts Are Used For

Blind Bolt US | 2nd September 2020


Blind Bolts

You probably don’t know it but you could be sitting in a building which makes use of blind bolts right now. That’s because these versatile and highly effective fasteners are used in hundreds of industries and businesses all over the world. Builders and engineers in a huge range of sectors are happy to rely on the fact that blind bolts ensure that the buildings and applications which use them stay safe and secure for many years to come.

What is a blind bolt? It is a combination of a steel pin, a collar and a sleeve which, when used together, help to form an extremely strong and versatile fastening. The name ‘blind bolt’ refers to the fact that the bolts can be applied through a pre-drilled hole without having to be able to see the other side of the material. What follows are some of the most common applications for blind bolts:

Blind Blots for The Construction

People working in the construction industry make extensive use of blind bolts, appreciating the safe and secure way in which they fasten building materials. One aspect of construction particularly suited to the use of blind bolts – thanks to their strength and ease of use - is the application of masonry support systems.

These are bracket angle supports attached to structures in order to provide a horizontal ledge to support and reinforce any masonry or stone-cladding, and blind bolts are frequently utilized to attach masonry wall panels to these angles. Blind bolts are additionally often used to attach facades and cladding panels to the structural frames of buildings. When cladding like this is attached it is often intended to deal with environmental factors such as snow and wind load, and blind bolts are the ideal solution since they can cope with the pressure of factors such as these.

Blind Blots for The Industrial

It’s hard to be specific about the uses of blind bolts since they are ideally suited for use across the entire range of the industrial sector. The factors which make them ideal for use in aerospace engineering, for example, such as being corrosion resistant, offering an extremely strong join and being easy to install, also make them perfect for many other uses. Heavy machinery, for example, which has to cope with continuous high impact use, is often constructed using blind bolts.

Blind Blots for Marine Enviroments

The Blind Bolt has gone from being an innovative blind fixing offering something new, to being a fastener which is used in great numbers across the construction industry. The advantage of a constantly evolving construction sector is that it enables designers and architects to consider new ways of working, and the blind bolt is an excellent example of this phenomenon. It has removed the difficulty normally associated with fixing into a box section or girder cavity, offering a dependable solution which also cuts costs. Already, the blind bolt has helped to transform the construction industry, and its incredible potential is still to be fully explored.

Bolted Shut

The number of industries making use of blind bolts, combined with the range of those industries, underlines just how important they are both now and in the future. We’re always looking for ways to improve our blind fixings, and the clients who come to Blind Bolt are always finding new uses and innovative ways in which blind bolts can save them time and money. We’re constantly increasing the range of sizes our blind bolts come in, so that we can always meet our client’s requirements.

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