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Future of the Fasteners

Future of the Fasteners Blind Bolt US | 27th October 2020 Blind Bolt It’s been a tumultuous and event-packed year, but despite everything that’s happened in 2020 the engineering and construction industries around the world are set to continue growing. This growth will both demand and drive innovation, leading to products and processes which storm…

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Three Applications Blind Bolts Are Used For

Three Applications Blind Bolts Are Used For Blind Bolt US | 2nd September 2020 Blind Bolts You probably don’t know it but you could be sitting in a building which makes use of blind bolts right now. That’s because these versatile and highly effective fasteners are used in hundreds of industries and businesses all over…


5 Innovative Materials That Are Changing the Construction Industry

Construction is a sector in which the leading players are always looking for ways to do things with more speed and efficiency, but no drop in quality.

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What Is a Blind bolt & What Is It Used For?

What is a blind bolt and what is it used for.

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SCI Assessed

The Blind Bolt Company is pleased to announce that all Blind Bolts in our Zinc & Yellow range have now achieved full SCI Assessment.

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Blind Bolt Company Goes Green

The Blind Bolt Company has announced a number of new policy changes aimed at reducing our impact on the natural environment.