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Blind Bolt US | 27th October 2020


Blind Bolt

It’s been a tumultuous and event-packed year, but despite everything that’s happened in 2020 the engineering and construction industries around the world are set to continue growing. This growth will both demand and drive innovation, leading to products and processes which storm the market and make projects simpler to deliver with increased quality.

Industrial fasteners have a vital role to play in fixing and reinforcing construction materials ranging from buildings to heavy machinery, and they are not immune to this demand for new products. Recent innovations in fastening technology mean that the future of fasteners seems set to involve the following:

  • Lock bolts
  • Blind bolts
  • Wire threaded inserts

Although these fasteners are all used in extremely different circumstances, they all share the ability to deliver solutions which are long-lasting and highly effective.

Lock bolts

Used in place of rivets, bolts and nuts, lock bolts are made up of a pin and a collar. A lock bolt is simple to use and less likely to fail which, combined with their strength and durability, makes them the ideal choice for the construction industry.

The toughness of lock bolts and the fact that they are able to resist vibration makes them ideal for securing equipment like factory machinery and agricultural vehicles. When pressure is applied to the bolt the collar collapses against the pin and this creates a seal which is extremely difficult to work loose. There are two types of lock bolt, those with separating pintails and those without, and each type has unique advantages and specific uses.

Blind bolt Fasteners

Lock bolts are a good choice when looking for a tight, durable connection but when it comes to strength combined with versatility the blind bolt is the ideal choice. Their current popularity is driven partly by the fact that they are so easy to install, making them incredibly useful for projects which involve multiple installations.

Blind bolts are so called because they can be installed with access to just one side of the material being fixed, making them perfect for situations in which access to both sides is restricted. Applying the blind bolt involves simply drilling a hole and inserting the bolt. Once inserted the bolt is tightened, which causes the collar to bulge, creating a joint which is extremely strong, very durable and completely secure. The strength of blind bolt fasteners makes them a favorite choice in industries where strong and stable connections are essential, such as mining or automobiles.

Wire threaded inserts

Wire threaded inserts are the ideal solution when dealing with softer core materials or a stripped threaded drill hole which needs repairing. When pressure is applied to the bolt this secures the wire against the side of the hole, and this creates an extremely strong internal fastening. Once created, this fastening is resistant to damage from factors such as corrosion, high temperatures and extreme vibration.

These properties have helped to make wire threaded inserts extremely popular in the aerospace industry, a fact which emphasizes the fact that they offer a reliable solution in locations and situations which impose high degrees of stress. A wire threaded insert is unbeatable for creating a strong connection which can even outlast the strength of the materials being joined.

Bolted Shut

The construction and engineering industries are constantly seeking new, innovative products which can help to fuel growth through increased efficiency and quality, as well as those products like blind fixings which can revolutionize working methods completely.

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