Cladding & Facades

Blind Fixings For Cladding & Facades

The terms ’cladding’ or ’façade’ are often used simply as shorthand for the external appearance of a building, but this is a misnomer. In actual fact cladding or a façade is a specific component used in the construction of buildings to create an external covering which is distinct from the actual building itself. In this way, the appearance of a structure can be radically altered much more quickly and easily-and for far less cost-than if the external surfaces form part of the structure of the building.

Brick walls would be an example of an external surface which forms part of the actual structure of the building, and another alternative which is sometimes used is applying a render to the surface itself.

Although cladding is only attached to the structure and doesn’t, technically, play a part in keeping the structure stable, it does have to cope with a range of structural factors whilst maintaining integrity. The weight of the cladding itself has to be transferred onto the structure, as do environmental aspects such as wind load, impact load and snow load.

Blind Bolts for Cladding & Facades

Wind, in particular, can exert a great deal of pressure onto the surface of the building, and the cladding itself has to be robust enough to withstand that pressure. Of course, the best cladding in the world is only ever going to be as secure as the connection attaching it to the building, and that’s why Blind Bolts are the safest choice of all.

The ease with which our hollow bolts can be attached without the need to use specialized equipment means that cladding can be fitted quickly and easily, cutting down on both building time and costs. The innovative engineering and high quality manufacturing utilized means that our heavy duty bolts offer total stability and security – once the cladding is in place it’s as stable as the structure it’s attached to.

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