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Blind Bolt US | 11th March 2021

Blind Bolt Fasteners

Blind Bolt Fastener

Fastenings have a large role to play in sectors such as the construction industry, and some types of fastener are better suited to particular projects. This guide will take a look at the differences between two of those fasteners – blind bolt fasteners and wire threaded inserts.

What Are Blind Bolts and Wire Threaded Inserts?

Blind bolts are a type of structural fastener designed to offer greater levels of strength, agility and flexibility than normal bolts. Blind bolts feature frequently within both manufacturing and construction, and they offer the ideal solution for projects which call for robust, strong connections when rivets and hex bolts can’t be used. In addition to these qualities blind bolts offer the versatility of coming in a wide range of sizes, and can be installed quickly with the minimum of disruption.

Wire threaded inserts are sometimes called wire-thread fasteners and take the form of threaded metal cylinders for installation into a pre-existing hole. Once in place they offer a threaded pathway, and are generally used to create strong fastenings in softer metals, particular if the environment in question presents the risk of corrosion and fluctuating temperatures.

The Benefits of Blind Bolts and Wire Threaded Inserts

Blind bolts are widely recognized as being an exciting, high impact development in the world of construction. They offer strength and versatility superior to alternative fasteners like lock bolts and come with the added bonus of quick and simple installation. The ease of installation means that construction companies can complete jobs at speed without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.

The name ‘blind bolt’ refers to the fact that the fastener can be fitted with access to just one side of a join, and this means that they are the ideal solution for those jobs in which only one side is accessible. The obvious strength offered by blind bolts is another huge advantage over other fastening options, and makes blind bolts the ideal choice for industries such as construction, automotive and mining.

The Comparable Benefits of Wire Threaded Inserts

Wire threaded inserts are the ideal solution for softer core materials like aluminum. The pressure of the bolt when it is placed in the pre-drilled hole acts to secure the wire thread, creating a strong fastening. As well as strength, the fastening offers resistance to external factors such as fluctuating temperatures, vibration and corrosion. The fact that wire-threaded inserts are also very reliable in high-stress conditions means that they are also very popular across the aerospace industry, and can create a join which is actually stronger than the materials being joined.

Which fastening is best for my project?

The different features offered by blind bolts and wire threaded inserts means that each of them is more suited to particular types of project. One of the main advantages of blind bolts is the versatility they offer. They are strong enough to be used across a range of industries and offer quick, easy installation as well as the fact that they can be used in areas with highly restricted access. Wire-threaded inserts aren’t as versatile and are therefore utilized more for highly specific applications, generally featuring softer metallic materials.

What to Take Away

Taken together, blind bolt fasteners and wire threaded inserts represent some of the most impressive and innovative fastening solutions available today. Blind bolts offer a combination of strength, versatility and ease of use. Wire threaded inserts are the ideal solution when the fastening in question involves softer metallic materials.

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