5 Innovative Materials That Are Changing the Construction Industry

Blind Bolt US | 2nd September 2020

Construction Industry

US Construction Industry

Construction is a sector in which the leading players are always looking for ways to do things with more speed and efficiency, but no drop in quality. In fact, the Holy Grail is for ways to do things with more speed but even greater quality, completing jobs within deadlines at the same time as delivering the best possible results.

Over years and even decades the use of a wide range of building materials has evolved and been adapted, creating a situation in which innovation and fresh thinking have enabled the construction industry to delivery of high-quality architecture and ground breaking projects. Amongst the innovative and sustainable materials that are helping to revolutionise the construction sector are the following:

Mass Timber

Over recent decades concrete and steel have replaced timber in many construction projects, due to the fact that they offer greater strength and flame resistance. The development of mass timber, however, has seen this trend being reversed to a degree. Mass timber, in simple terms, is solid wood which, via a process of being laminated and panelised, offers increased strength and durability. Mass timber enables construction companies to lower their carbon footprint at the same time as cutting the overall spend on building materials.

Programmable Cement

Once cement has been mixed with water, sand and stone it forms concrete which, whilst offering a high degree of versatility, is porous in nature. This means that water and chemicals can seep through the concrete itself and attack the steel support within – often leading to rust. It has now become possible, however, to ‘programme’ the molecular make-up of the concrete itself as it sets. This enables builders to control the setting cement and ensure that it forms more tightly. The advantages this provides the construction industry is the fact that the concrete in question would set harder and be less porous, and that a lot less concrete would need to be used in total.

The Blind Bolt

The Blind Bolt has gone from being an innovative blind fixing offering something new, to being a fastener which is used in great numbers across the construction industry. The advantage of a constantly evolving construction sector is that it enables designers and architects to consider new ways of working, and the blind bolt is an excellent example of this phenomenon. It has removed the difficulty normally associated with fixing into a box section or girder cavity, offering a dependable solution which also cuts costs. Already, the blind bolt has helped to transform the construction industry, and its incredible potential is still to be fully explored.

Alusion Panels

Traditionally, materials such as brick, sheet metal and concrete have been used for items such as ceilings, floors and cladding. A company called Cymat Technoligs in Canada has now created a material called Cymat, which offers a more versatile solution for architects and designers working on doors, floors and coverings. Cymat is formed by the injection of air into molten aluminium, which causes ceramic particles dispersed throughout the mix to aid the formation of bubbles.

Strand Rods

People living in Japan have had to get used to earthquakes being an inevitable fact of life. Technicians at the Komatsu Seiten Fabric Laboratory have dealt with this issue by covering their head office in something called the CABKOMBA Strand Rod, a thermoplastic carbon fibre composite which is the lightest seismic reinforcement system in the world. In addition to being five times lighter than metal wires of equivalent strength, CABKOMBA Strand Rod is an aesthetically pleasing product which improves the appearance of buildings to which it is applied.

Bolted Shut

Recent years have seen the construction industry embrace new and innovative materials which have played a massive part in changing the way buildings are constructed. Blind bolts are set to play a huge role in ensuring this kind of innovation continues in years to come. If you have any questions or just want to find out more about blind bolts, get in touch and speak to a member of our team on (630)882-9010 or send us an email on enquiries@blindbolt.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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